Our mission is to mould each and every student into a worthy citizen of Bharat.
We aim at overall development of the student. Each student is nurtured in a congenial spiritual environment so that he/she blossoms into a good character and responsible citizen. Sense of patriotism gets embedded in the mind of each student at a very early stage, so that he/she will have a definite purpose and philosophy of life. His/her mission in life becomes service to the society, country and humanity at large.
Keeping this in view, our curricular and co-curricular activities are designed. Our “Panchangashikshan” is specially framed to achieve our desired goal. It covers Yoga,sports(Sharirik),Music,Sanskrit and Naithik.

Sports and allied activities boost up the physical attributes and Yoga aims at body-mind synchronization. A generous support is given to nourish the child’s aesthetic sense which enables him/her to bring out the latent instincts and promotes his/her multifarious potentialities. We also aim to groom the child to achieve academic excellence through a combination of theoretical and practical pursuits which would propel him/her to attain sublime levels of knowledge.
Value based education is instrumental in equipping the child to counter the challenges of modern world and to become a light of inspiration for the society. We aim at imparting a well balanced education by equipping the student with modern learning tools so that he/she does not lag behind in the fast moving society.
Thus we aspire for an ideal Indian citizen- a true blend of tradition and modernity.