Inspired by Vidya Bharati, the largest non-governmental educational institution in India, the Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan (Kerala) entered the field of education in the State in 1979, preparing teachers for the pre-school stage and starting Saraswathy Sisumandirs all over Kerala with firm belief in Bharatheeya values. It was conceived as a secondary school in 1981 and Vyasa Vidya Peethom was its outcome. The school is managed by Vyasa Vidya Peethom Society registered under the provisions of the Act XXI of 1860.
Every morning, the school premises is echoed with the enchanting verses of Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Harinama keerthanam, Mahishasura Mardini Sthothram, Slokas from Narayaneeyam, Ramayana and Vedas rendered by our children. The Prarthana Sabha begins with Deepa Projwalan and Saraswathy Vandanam. The procedures are Pledge, Thought for the day, Daily news in English, Malayalam, Sanskrit, and Hindi allotted for each day. The students are greeted and blessed on their birthdays with chanting of Janmadina mantra during Prarthana Sabha.
Worship of idols on auspicious days after the Prarthana Sabha will be conducted by offering flowers on the statues of Vyasa Bhagavan and Goddess Saraswathi.
“Sports for all not for a few” is our Moto. We are giving training for Athletics and Games in general and also conduct summer coaching camps for Football and Athletics for selected students.
The Institution offers scholarships in recognition of brilliant academic performance of our students’ in spite of their financial stringencies by rendering them most required encouragement and motivation. Scholarships are reserved for 2 students from Coastal and Vanavasi areas each.
Children worship the deities of our temple. Every day holy rituals are conducted. Prathishtadina Maholsavam is celebrated in the month of Edavam. Special rituals will be conducted on Birthdays of children. Our temple brings spiritual outlook, prosperity and well-being for the children and locality.